A Reasonable Approach

to Cyber Compliance

A Reasonable Approach to Cyber

Security Compliance Risk Management

Practical Strategies, Rooted In Reality.

Organizations with limited technical staff and resources often can’t employ the same approach to advanced cybersecurity concepts and requirements that enterprise firms can.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of resources to guide and manage these projects are designed for enterprise clients and don’t scale down to help smaller organizations.

Many small and mid-size organizations first encounter with cybersecurity frameworks and standards comes from a legal or regulatory obligation

 We can help de-mystify these requirements, give you strategies and options to meet them based on your specific circumstances, and put you on the path to meeting your compliance obligations.   

Beyond compliance, we can help you implement a reasonable cybersecurity program geared toward steady improvement over time, and focused addressing your largest business risks first. (This way, you can use your compliance obligations to your long-term benefit


Security requirements for DoD contractors


Security requirements for Healthcare

FTC Safeguards

Security requirements for Financial Services

Need a Hand?

The Voice of Experience

Working with hundreds of clients, we’ve developed a basic 4-step process to meet you where you are in your security journey, and help you to the next stage.

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Satisfied Clients in
More Than 11 Countries

Our 4 Step Process

How It Works


Work with your team to understand where you are and where you need to be, and work with you to create a strategy to get there.


Craft a process and series of projects to implement your security strategy.


Work with you and your team to get it done.


Tie up loose ends, ensure that the processes you have put in place are followed and working, and determine next steps in your security journey.

Need help designing your Security Program?

Get started with our most popular engagements

Initiating new cybersecurity programs can seem daunting.
We offer Program Kick-Start Services for key cybersecurity functions. 

Need help designing your Security Program?

Get started with our most popular engagements.

Initiating new cybersecurity programs can seem daunting. We offer Program Kick-Start Services for key cybersecurity functions.  


Policies & Standards

Your cybersecurity policies and standards should mesh with your compliance requirements. 




Risk Management Program

Risk Management drives security by focusing resources on your largest business risks. 




Vulnerability Management Program

More than patchingprioritize and address vulnerabilities and misconfigurations based on risk.

A Trusted Partner

More Than Just Documents and Reports

We don't just tell you what needs to be done, we can help you get it done!

Extensive IT Experience

Our system engineers and network consultants can work with your team to help get you where you need to be.

We Do Not Outsource

We do not resell other companies services, and do not outsource any portion of our services or communications.

E-Verify Employer

All members of our staff are U.S. Citizens and are fully vetted by the E-Verify employment Authorization System.

CJIS Authorized Staff

All members of our staff are CJIS certified, fingerprinted, and have passed law enforcement background checks.

Global Experience

From short and long term consulting projects, to fully managed services, we have satisfied clients in over 18 U.S. States and in over 11 countries.

Are You Comfortable With Your Current Level Of Risk?

IT Management, Governance, and Risk Assessments

  • Vendor Security Assessment
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Internal Controls Self Assessment
  • Service Management Maturity Assessment
  • IT knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment
  • IT Policy, Standards and Procedure Assessment
  • IT Service Desk Maturity Assessment
  • Office 365 Capability Assessment
  • IT Team Effectiveness Assessment
  • Cloud Maturity Assessment
  • Cyber Security Insurance Assessment
  • Vendor Risk Assessment
  • MSP Performance Assessment

We can perform a variety of Assessments to help determine your current risk.

We follow a structured process that includes the following steps:

We follow a structured process that includes the following steps:

  1. Define your appetite: Work with your management or executive team to determine what level of business risk is acceptable for your organization. 

  2. Identify the assets: Identify your business processes – and the hardware, software, people and data that are critical to those processes and need to be protected.

  3. Identify the vulnerabilities: Identify the weaknesses in the IT systems, infrastructure and processes that could be exploited by threats such as hackers, viruses, or natural disasters. 

  4. Identify the threats: Identify the potential sources of harm to your assets, including external threats such as cyber attacks and internal threats such as employee mistakes or malfeasance.

  5. Analyze the risks: Analyze the likelihood and potential impact of each identified vulnerability and threat.

  6. Evaluate the risks: Evaluate the risks based on the potential impact to the organization and the likelihood of occurrence.

  7. Develop a risk response plan: Based on the risk assessment, develop a plan to address the identified risks, including measures to prevent or mitigate the risks and plans for responding to risks that cannot be eliminated. 

Make it a process: Risk assessments should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that your organization is adequately protected.